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Contract Sales People and Business Development Services

If you need experienced hands-on contract sales people but do not want to burden the cost of a full time sales executive, then we can help. From lead generation to closing, our experienced and proven contract sales professionals can help you win more new business.

Rain Dance Software Services has experience selling a range of products and services to a variety of organisations, but don't be fooled by thinking a lack of product knowledge is a barrier for a good sales person. A product and value proposition can be learned quickly. Methodology can be taught, but experience and sales "know-how" can only be gained through years of actually being successful as a sales professional. Salesmanship is something that can never be taught. New business selling is a numbers game. It is possible to leverage networks and contacts but it is no co-incidence that the best performing salespeople are those that are confident to be constantly cold calling and follow-on relationship building through face-to-face meetings.

Our contract sales people have sold to major corporates, SME and the Public Sector. We understand selling to the public sector including the Catalist program, OJEC, OGC and framework agreements.

We can help with your sales efforts via :-

  1. Lead development initiatives - Love it or hate it, nothing acquires better results then cold calling. We can cold call your prospect list or target market. We can then make appointments for you or we can follow them up ourselves to qualify opportunities. Our intention is to always aim for the decision maker, but regardless of what the so called sales guru's may claim, we often have to work through gatekeepers and influencers to reach the decision makers when selling to major enterprises.
  2. Qualifying and Presenting - We can present your value proposition. If you have a heavy technical slant then follow up meetings can be arranged with the appropriate resource.
  3. Bid authoring and proposal writing - We have years of experience writing proposals in a variety of formats and details. From one page to a five hundred page proposal, we have major experience in making a proposal sell the company, products and people. Our graphic design experience also helps as the look of the proposal creates the feel good element. We also partner with a major bid provider as part of the capture management stage.
  4. Contracts and closing - We can help and advise in negotiating contracts and closing your sales.

Image of standarad sales cycle for professionals
In terms of marketing, we can also help with:-
  • Mass e-mailing (and the techniques to avoid being blacklisted or labelled a SPAMMER)
  • Utilising Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to track, monitor and report on your prospects and existing customers
  • Buying prospect lists
  • Web site design and organic Search Engine Optimisation Services (including blogs to promote your company)
Our contract sales people can work as an extension to your own sales force, under the auspices of your company-name and within your premises as appropriate. We can work from 1 day to 5 days per week without any time contractual agreement from you. Please contact us today to discuss how we can help you improve your sales efforts within your organisation.

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