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The Professional SEO Packages are ideal for the majority of our clients and packed with features - guaranteed Google Rankings.
The Competitive SEO Packages are designed to rank for highly competitive keywords - with guaranteed Google Rankings.
The most comprehensive E-Commerce SEO Packages ever established.
An SEO package that is specifically designed for a local business. A very affordable package that can operate for only 4 months.
For more complex SEO requirements, we can customise a solution to cover every SEO eventuality that can be devised.


Try entering the keywords for your business in Google. Keywords are the words that describes your business, for example "Widget Reseller Wales" or we may use “SEO Wales”. If in the subsequent results your company does not list on the first page, then all your potential customers are finding and utilising competitors. SEO aims to change that by having your company leapfrog ahead of them in the results.

Why SEO?

You may have the most stunning and visually captivating website in the world. But unless your site is optimised for search engines, then your payback is very limited and the power of utilising the internet as a lead generator is diminished. Rain Dance particularly focuses on organic search engine optimisation in UK and none more so than SEO Wales where we are based.

How does SEO work?

Despite all the SEO hype, Search Engine Optimisation is not an exacting science. For example in Google there are many factors that can effect your listing. What they all are or exactly how much weighting is given to each factor can only be deduced from years of experience - there is no manual. No-one can guarantee a number one place based on specific keywords in Google. If they do then they are not credible. However we are so confident in our capabilities that we can provide guarantees on the work we do giving peace of mind and a positive return on investment or your money back. There is no contract or set up fees with Rain Dance organic search engine optimisation services.

There are two approaches we use for SEO to work effectively:-

1) On Page Optimisation - The web page itself must be search engine friendly. Our service is not to re-design a web page, merely to enhance it purely for SEO optimisation. This will be completed in the first month of engagement.

2) Off Page Optimisation - This is where the bulk of the work gets done. Within Google for example, one of the biggest effects on your search engine ranking is to have quality web links to your site from a variety of credible sources. We establish those links through the use of social networking, directory submission, article writing and other methods that create quality links. We do not use "link farms", which are websites written purely to create links, as these can be detrimental to your listing.

We have a number of low cost and comprehensive packages as viewed above where our team of twenty-five search engine optimisation experts will work on your site. From £250, up to £500 per month for a more advanced package, and with no set-up fees, the return on investment can be substantial.

As a starter for free, we will complete a free keyword analysis for your search engine optimisation in UK or if you need SEO Wales services, we would be happy to come and see you to discuss your requirements. We would be happy to provide a free keyword analysis to determine if SEO would be, or not be, beneficial.

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