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Rain Dance Guarantee and Code of Ethics

Universal SEO Keyword Guarantee: All of the packages we offer come with a Money Back Guarantee if keyword rankings are not established in Google.

SEO Guarantee Details:

  • At least 40% of the total keywords will land on the 1st page of Google.

  • We will always strive for 100% of keywords to hit the 1st page of Google. The SEO Guarantee is to assure you results, NO matter what or you will get your money back.

  • If we do not meet our SEO Guarantee, Rain Dance will continue working for up to three months free of charge to meet the promised rankings. If at this point in time the promised rankings are not met, all proportional money paid towards the keywords that did not meet their promised rankings will be refunded minus Local Listings, Paid Links and Content Writing charges.
    The SEO Guarantee WILL BE VOIDED if:
  • The customer fails to provide or return articles within the outlined time frame (assuming the customer is not purchasing them from Rain Dance).

  • The customer fails to provide or purchase additional website content requested by Rain Dance.

  • If the customer cannot provide us with access to optimise their website (access for FTP, and additional access as necessary) then the Guarantee will be voided unless an agreement is entered into where we provide the customer with the modified files for uploading.

  • Rain Dance is not provided with full access to make the necessary changes to Dynamic websites (URL Rewriting, Dynamic Meta Data Implementation) and the customer does not make the suggested changes themselves.
    The SEO Guarantee WILL BE VOIDED ALSO if:
  • The website’s host location is changed.
  • The website’s hosting is not renewed and the website goes offline.
  • The website’s navigation structure is altered without Rain Dance's approval.
  • The website becomes blacklisted independent of Rain Dance's actions.
  • The website is engaged in any spamming activities.
  • The website’s content optimisation or meta tags are modified independently from Rain Dance.
**** Even in the event of our SEO Guarantee being voided, we will still work just as hard to achieve the rankings. The vast majority of the time conditions for the SEO Guarantee are compromised, Rain Dance still achieves over 40% of the keywords on the 1st page of Google. ****


Link to the Professional SEO Package

The Professional SEO Packages are ideal for the majority of our clients - cheap and with guaranteed Google Rankings.

SEO packages for very competitive keywords

The Competitive SEO Packages are designed for clients wishing to rank for highly competitive keywords - with guaranteed Google Rankings.

SEO for E-Commerce sites

The most comprehensive E-Commerce SEO Packages ever established.

Link to Localised SEO Packages

An SEO package that is specifically designed for a local business. A very affordable package that operates for only 3 months.

Customised packages for specific issues


For more complex SEO requirements, we can customise a solution to cover every SEO eventuality that can be devised.

Our Code of Ethics

Service Goals:

Our goal is to reach and obtain a high placement in the primary search engines for each of our Client's keywords and to generate quality, targeted leads/conversions through other optional online marketing mediums. Our SEO structure is extremely solid; no shortcuts, no automation, no tricks, and certainly no black hat techniques.

Search Engine Guideline Compliant:

We abide by all guidelines of Google Webmaster, MSN, and Yahoo Local searches. We guarantee that our Client's websites will not be penalised or suffer from any ranking penalties as a direct result of our actions.

End Clients in Competition:

We remain neutral to end clients whom are in direct competition with each other. The keyword sets we work with will never be 100% duplicated from end client to end client, and unique research will be done for each client's SEO Campaign.

Unrealistic Expectations:

We do not set unreasonable expectations, promises we can't keep, or timetables that are anything other than physically possible. In the SEO world, giving unrealistic expectations is currently the #1 complaint most Clients express. As a result, this has created great issues of mistrust for those seeking SEO.

Targeted Traffic:

We do not create any form of "Doorways" or "Bridges" to produce higher results. We consult and recommend highly targeted keywords with the highest probability for conversion and traffic generation per the budget.

Law Violations:

We would never deliberately violate any laws, including but not limited to trademark, copyright, spamming, cloaking, black hat tactics, local online laws and any others that would be considered unethical or dishonest. We strictly obey the Google Webmaster guidelines and keep ourselves up to date accordingly.